Sally’s rehabilitation and recovery is finally complete! And the best news is that Sally found a new best friend and a new home!

I found Sally in the middle of the road on the way from Ubud to Canggu. She was itching and oblivious to the fact she could get run over at any moment.

Anyway of course I stopped and scooped her up. She was so funny and just sat on my lap as I drove on the scooter, chill as anything.

After a few weeks of TLC her fur grew back, she was vaccinated and sterilised.

A huge thanks to my beautiful friends Ebony and Cari at @act4balidogs who kindly took her in and took her to several adoption days until she finally was adopted.

Rescuing is the easy part, but finding homes is so so tough and I can’t thank @act4balidogs enough.

A huge thank you to YOU too. If you’ve bought a tee or bag, you helped to rescue Sally, as it paid for all he meds and get bills.