Thousands of people must have driven past a ratty looking dog on the side of busy Bali roadside before we stopped for Selfie.

Selfie had almost no fur, but that didn’t bother her. She came running up to us in what was the easiest rescue ever. She just wanted love.

We fell in love with Selfie and took her home with us to rehabilitate her. After medicine, vaccinations and regular washes, Selfie went from the ‘ugly duckling’ to one of the most beautiful Bali dogs around.

Selfie was sweetness personified. A truly lovely dog, it was hard to give her to her new home, but sadly we can’t keep every animal we rescue else we’d be overrun.

Selfie’s new home was going so well for a whole year. She was loved and gave love back. However, not all stories have the fairytale ending we dream of. Selfie was poisoned after eating something off the street during walkies. Somebody had purposefully left it there.

Overcoming the anger, I finally settled that at least I’d managed to give Selfie lots of love for her short but happy life.