I found Bahar one day in a market.

I’d seen her the day before but had left her to see if her mum would come back to get her.

When I arrived the next day, I found Bahar in a terrible state – weak, dehydrated and hardly able to move.

I took her home and she was improving – she gained energy and her lame leg healed up. Friends took Bahar in and everything was looking good for her.

But Bahar was still a kitten and had left her mum too early. She had missed out on a vital period of growth and started to lose energy and stopped eating.

We took Bahar to the vet where she was put on fluids, but to our complete dismay, she didn’t make it.

It’s sad but true that not all animals I rescue make it. I am happy I was able to help this kitten in her final days, and she was able to know love.

Bahar will be remembered.

You can see some of the daily updates I was giving on Bahar’s rescue in the Instagram Story Highlight ‘Street Cats’.