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Meet my Rescued Animals

With part of my profits, I rescue animals in Bali. So whenever you purchase from my shop, you are helping me to save the life of one of Bali’s street animals in need.

Sadly in Bali, there is a huge problem with street animals. When animals become sick, they are often dumped in markets, the side of the road, or even in the trash. People throw away babies too, because their unsterilised animals have new litters. As a result, there are many sick and orphaned animals left alone on the street. But there is hope…

I spend my spare time rescuing animals and pay for all their bills, medicine, food and more with money I make from sales. When I sell more times, the more animals I can rescue, so your purchase truly does help to rescue an animal in Bali.

For each animal, I also vaccinate and spay them so that they are not adding to the problem.

My hope is that not only does it save a life, it helps to show people that animals can recover from illness. Additionally, my aim is to link veganism with rescuing animals and help convince others that we don’t need to hurt animals to live a happy life.

Below you can see a few blog posts about just some of these rescued animals. For daily udpates you can also check Instagram.

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