Read about the turnaround of former puppy mill inmate Wendy. It’s amazing to see her turnaround and her trust in humans restored!

On our drive home, we saw a strange sight. A small breed dog was walking along a busy grass verge. She was more like tip-toeing than walking though. Her body was emaciated and ravaged by a skin condition.

Sadly it’s often the case in Bali when fashionable dogs are purchased but thrown away when they become sick.

We coaxed her with some food and although cautious at first, Wendy let us pick up up in a blanket and drive her on a scooter to the nearest vet.

Upon examination, it turned out Wendy had a skin condition, but other than being severely malnourished, nothing else. Her strange walking style was either due to exhaustion or being kept in a cage in her previous life.

Although only 7-9 months old, it seems Wendy has already had multiple litters. Breed dogs like Wendy are often kept in cages to be bred so people can sell the cute offspring. That would also explain her inability to walk.

Sure enough, Wendy’s skin got better, her fur grew back and she learned how to walk, run and play in no time. All she needed was some medicine, a few washes and somebody to care for her.

She was vaccinated, spayed and given a clean bill of health.Wendy transformed in spirit too. She went from a depressed, quiet and miserable dog to a spritely dog full of life. Just look at the smile on her face and life in her eyes!

The best was yet to come for Wendy. As always in Bali, the most difficult thing is finding animals homes. It seems almost everybody has adopted an animal already.

As it happened, Wendy struck gold when Kadek responded to our adoption appeal. These days Wendy lives out her days with Kadek, who dotes on her every day. Wendy gets regular baths, cuddles and walks and is the pride of Kadek’s household.

We were only able to rescue Wendy thanks to funding gained from sales through our business, so this rescue really was your doing!

I use part of my profits to pay for rescues like Wendy. To support, you can see our shop here.