Lizzy is one of my favourite ever rescues. She’s also the most kissy dog on the planet!

I rescued Lizzy from the beach one day. She had this horrible wet wound all over her head and had been dumped at the beach.

I took her to the vet and got her all fixed up, but couldn’t find a home. In the end I thought I’d trial her back at the beach.

It was the best decision ever because now she’s a pretty famous beach dog, loved by everyone, especially the tourists hanging out at Komune Bali (where I originally found her). Lizzy lives the best life ever and I’m so happy because I also see her every time I head down to the beach. And of course she greets me with all the kisses.

What a romantic story, huh!? I use money I make from sales to fund my rescue efforts, so if you’ve bought from me, thank you!

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