I found Kate at death’s door, skinny and emaciated. The worst thing was she could hardly see as her eyes were almost fused shut. She had this rock like skin problem.

Kate was running into walls when I found her, trying desperately to escape an intrigued street dog. She wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

It’s likely she was somebody’s prize posession before – purely white cats are sort after. But when she got sick, she was thrown away.

We scooped her up and she say quietly in the nook of my arm while I drove 30 minutes on the scooter with her to the vet clinic.

Slowly but surely she Kate recovered. She required over two months of hospitalisation with special food and medicated wash to make her better. Her rock disease slowly disappeared, came back, and disappeared again.

Once she was strong enough, we spayed and vaccinated her too.

If you’ve bought from us, you’re the one that rescued Kate. Her bill was quite large and we can only pay for it thanks to sales.

Special thank you to foster mumma @anastasiarestu who made it her mission to make Kate glorious again.

The best news? Kate became so beautiful she had a few people wanting to adopt her, and now she lives in a loving home with animal lover Eka.