Literally the most friendly cat we’ve ever rescued. Jojo lives in Ubud outside a petrol station and near to a busy junction. He’d been on our treatment waiting list for a while.

Previously, Jojo had just looked a little ‘street’. But upon one visit he seemed noticeably weak. He came running to us as if to say ‘it’s time I got some treatment’. Jojo was so nice, he never once got his claws out when being coaxed into the carrier box.

Arriving at the vet, things were worse for Jojo than we anticipated. He had a severe strain of cat flu and could hardly breathe. Despite all this, Jojo purred away, even through is blocked up pipes. He had a limp, probably from a fight and a few rashes over his body.

After syringing mucous, Jojo also needed strong antibiotics and an IV drip for days. Again, completely without complaint, Jojo seemed to know he was getting much needed help.

During our visits Jojo purred all the way through, with the best reward seeing him slowly get better. Jojo had been waiting for somebody to help him and thanks to profits from sales of our vegan tshirts, we could.

Jojo’s flu got better (although he was still a little snotty), his leg healed and medicated bath cleared up his rashes. Vaccinations helped to protect him for the future too.

Jojo had a great ending as local vegan restaurant owner Nyoman adopted him and took him home.