Rescuing Animals in Bali

Hi friends, thanks for wondering about my street animal rescue efforts! You can see some of my featured rescues here or to see my daily activities, you can check my Instagram which is updated pretty much every day.

Long story short, I’ve been rescuing animals in my spare time ever since moving to Bali in 2012.

In 2017, when I started Sun & Sage, I thought it would be the perfect way to help bring the discussion back to veganism. And of course it is a huge part of how I am able to pay the bills for the animals I rescue.

My hope is that that when people see the animal rescue efforts are aligned to the vegan mindset of compassion and kindness, it might also plant a vegan seed for other people.

I sincerely believe that people will choose kindness and compassion, given the option.

Rescue Process

Some people have asked about how it all goes down.

Well, there’s not much to it really. Whenever I am making a journey, I pack food and medicine for animals.

I have a few specific places I stop at, like local markets which are often dumping grounds for babies and sick animals.

If I see an animal in need, I’ll do what I can. Sometimes I can treat them on the street. Other times, if they’re in bad condition, I’ll bring them to the vet.

Where I can, I always try and vaccinate and sterilise animals too.

Rehoming animals in Bali is extremely difficult. It sometimes feels like everybody who wants a cat or dog already has five of each. Homes are hard to come by, which is why I do my best to treat animals on the street.

To see my animal rescues, head over to my Street Animal Rescue section.

For daily updates, check my Instagram.


I don’t ask for donations, because my plan is to do everything I can through my business, while linking it to veganism. If I can build the business up, it’ll hopefully turn into a sustainable and effective way of helping animals, with a real message behind it.

In turn, I hope this leads to meat eaters coming to the conclusion that if a dog is worth saving, so is a cow…or a pig…or a chicken.

If anybody would like to donate and not have a product from my shop, I recommend supporting Act 4 Bali Dogs. Several times they have helped me out of sticky situations with animals I can’t rehome. They need monthly donations to help keep going and have far greater rescue expenses than I do.