Ethically Made

Part of creating my vegan clothing brand was to make sure I know exactly how my products are made. So ensuring the clothing is ethically made was one of my top priorities.

To help make the world a better place, we can’t just change our diets. We also need to change how we treat other people. And that starts with making sure everybody gets a fair deal through the production line.

All clothing is proudly and ethically made here in Indonesia by workers who are treated with respect, fairness and a proper wage. It is a small production unit with none of the pressures of big factories.

Unlike many other clothing producers, I’m keen to show how and where my clothes have been made.

It’s another way that I’m making sure my business is as ethical as I can, giving customers the knowledge that their tee was made by somebody who is happy and not working in slave labor.

The vegan mindset isn’t just about animals, it’s about compassion for everything and everyone. So I needed to make sure that my clothing is made in line with this.

With so many sweatshops and high street shops even getting involved in selling £4 vegan tshirts, I wanted to show that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Check out the #whomademyclothes on Instagram to find out more.

To see how I’m minimizing the environmental impact too, check out this page.

Bali panoramic view