We found poor Erik looking confused and emaciated. He was running down a busy street in Ubud, being chased and shooed away by shop owner and other street dogs.

Our theory is that he had been kept on a chain most of his life and his owners either left or neglected to feed him. Then again, it could have been an underlying condition causing him to be so skinny.

We eventually caught up with Erik and as soon as he knew we had him, he gave himself up.

Of course, Erik was taken straight to the vet and after a few days of test and observation, he got the all clear! It turned out he was just super skinny.

Thanks to sales from our shop, we were able to pay for all the tests and vet treatment, including vaccinations and castration.

Erik’s story ended bitter sweet for us though. No sooner had we found him a foster home, he escaped once more. An extensive search provided no leads, and it is our hope Erik’s short treatment set him up for a better life. We’ll keep looking for him.

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