I’d been tracking the elusive Boy for quite some time. I’d seen him before but didn’t have any skin meds on me.

Every day I drove by I bought the meds, but he was never there. One day I found him and followed him back to his home.

Although Boy looked terrible he had a family who actually really loved him. They just didn’t know his skin condition could be cured, and didn’t have the money to do it either.

Boy HATED me, but I convinced his owner to feed him the medicine.

A couple of months later and Boy looks like a new….boy.

Seeing the difference in dogs like this makes me keep wanting to help animals in Bali. Although it often seems futile due to the sheer number of sick animals, seeing how life has improved for them gives me hope.

The other thing that gives me hope is all the kind people who are supporting my little mission to spread veganism while rescuing animals.

If you’ve liked, shared or commented I truly appreciate your support. A special thanks to those of you who have bought from my shop.

I fund all meds, food and vet bills with the money I make from sales from my shop.

Thank you for helping me help Boy.