Sales of vegan tshirts and clothing have helped to fund over £6,000 of street animal rescue costs in Bali!

So when you purchase, not only do you spread the vegan message and support vegan business, you also help rescue a street animal in Bali too.

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Hello, my name is Aron and I run Sun & Sage. Thank you for visiting my website and finding out about my mission.

I created Sun & Sage to help give vegans the ability to proudly wear ethically made vegan clothing. Through my products, I hope to help vegans to start conversations which promote veganism in a positive way.

With part of the profits, I rescue animals in need in Bali. I do this to change their lives as well as link veganism with animal rescue. In a small way I hope this helps people to connect being kind to animals with a lifestyle that doesn’t hurt them.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased and supported my mission.


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